Winter Ride (aka Ski Bus)

8 trips - $100 
1 trip - $20 - “Day rider” - Must own all gear (no rentals available) and be a proficient border/skier.

Lessons - $75 -  Six 2-hour lessons - 1st time participants must take lessons unless their parent verifies that they are proficient and not in need of instruction.

Rentals - $162 - Ski or board, includes boots and poles.

Season Passes 

Age                “Full Season Pass”    “WR Onward Pass”

11 - 12                       $195                            $180
13 - 15                       $275                            $240
16 - 17                       $450                            $360

Unlimited Ski/Board check - $10

Downloadable forms

Beginning 11/09/16

Printed forms are available at and to be returned to:

Middle School Office

High School Office


The Winter Ride Program is an 8 week sport enrichment program in which students have the opportunity to learn how to snowboard or ski, over 8 consecutive Saturdays.  Our fist trip to Mt. Baker will be on January 7th. Mt. Baker Ski area has arranged discounted season passes, lessons, and rental packages. The program is available for students in grades 6 - 12. If your child is in grade 5 and interested, please call Julie to check on availability. The program is open to all students in Blaine, including home-school and private school students.

Julie -- text or call 303-8535  
 email --
Facebook page @ BSD Winter Ride   Mt. Baker Ski Area Winter

Information and sign-up meeting Wednesday November 9th 6:30 in the Blaine Middle School Library.

Season Pass photos will be taken at this meeting!!!

ˆRelease and Pass AgreementWinter_Ride_files/Winter%20Ride%20Release%2016-17.pdf
ˆ Registration FormWinter_Ride_files/WR_Purchase_and_Minor_Combined_16-17.pdf
Information HandoutWinter_Ride_files/Blaine%20Winter%20Ride%20Info%202017%20.pdf
Confirmation Letter Winter_Ride_files/Winter%20Ride%20Confirmation%202017.pdf
Info Folder - 4 pagesWinter_Ride_files/WR_Info_Folder_16-17.pdf
Leadership ProgramWinter_Ride_files/WR_Leadership_Program_App_16-17.pdf
Mt. Baker forms
ˆ Indicates must be printed and returned to BSDWinter_Ride_files/Winter_Ride_Release_Minor_16-17.pdf
Blaine S.D. forms
ˆ Indicates must be printed and returned to BSDWinter_Ride_files/Winter_Ride_Release_Minor_16-17_1.pdf
ˆBSD PermissionWinter_Ride_files/BSD%20Hold%20Harmless.pdf