Board of Directors



Policy No. 1210

At the first regular meeting at which newly elected board members are seated in election years and at the first regular meeting in December in non-election years, the board shall elect from among its members a president and a vice president to serve one-year terms.  Officers shall not be elected following the appointment of a director to fill a vacancy on the board unless a majority of the board is appointed. If a board member is unable to continue to serve as an officer, a replacement shall be elected immediately. In the absence of both the president and the vice president, the board shall elect a president pro tempore who shall perform the functions of the president during the latter's absence. The superintendent shall act as board secretary. In order to provide a record of the proceedings of each meeting of the board, the superintendent shall appoint a recording secretary of the board.

In even-numbered years in June a legislative representative shall be elected who shall serve a two-year term.

The normal order of business shall be modified for the annual organizational meeting by considering the following matters after the approval of the minutes of the previous meeting:

A.  Welcome and introduction of newly elected board members by the president.

B.  Call for nominations for president to serve during the ensuing year.

C.  Election of a president (roll call vote).

D.  Assumption of office by the new president.

E.   Call for nominations for vice president to serve during the ensuing year.

F.   Election of a vice president (roll call vote).

Policies shall continue from year to year and board to board until and unless the board changes them.

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Adoption Date:   August 27, 2007


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