Board of Directors



Policy No. 1115P


When a vacancy occurs on the board, it is in the best interest of the district to encourage as many able citizens as possible to consider becoming a school director. To that end the following procedures shall be used to identify and appoint citizens to fill board vacancies:

A.  Announcement of the vacancy and the procedure for filling it shall be made in the general news media as well as general district publications to patrons.

B.  All citizens shall be invited to nominate candidates for the position provided that the nominees shall be registered voters who reside in the director district in which the vacancy occurs.

C.  The board secretary shall notify all nominees by sending them a summary of director responsibilities and soliciting from them a biographical sketch as well as a statement about their interest in being a board member. Upon their request, the board secretary shall provide nominees with orientation information.

D.  The board shall screen the nominees.

If there are more than five, it shall select for interviews the five whose prior experience and expressed interest suggest that they will be most able to contribute breadth of view to the board's deliberations as well as effectively represent a large segment of the community.

Possible topics to discuss during the interview are:

Review the WSSDA Code of Governance with the group of board nominees.

Give a brief biographical sketch of self:  training, interests, experience on policy boards, community and/or school activities, etc.

Describe the major strengths of the district.

Describe the major shortcomings of the district.

Describe how your experience, training and interest can contribute to the improvement of the district.

Identify any commitments which might prevent you from attending regularly scheduled meetings, participation in workshops, reviewing study materials, etc.

Allow the nominee an opportunity to ask any questions.

E.   The board shall appoint the nominee who in the judgment of at least three members of the board is most likely to contribute to the growth and development of the district's educational programs and operations.

F.   The board secretary shall prepare for the signatures of all board members a letter thanking all nominees for the position and commending them for their interest in the district.



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