Board of Directors



In case of a board vacancy, the remaining board members shall fill such vacancy by appointment. The board will receive applications from any qualified persons seeking to fill the position after suitable public notice. The board will appoint one of the candidates to serve until the next regularly scheduled board election, at which time a director shall be elected for the unexpired term, if any.

The appointment shall be approved, by roll call vote, by not less than three members of the board. If there exists fewer than three members, the educational service district board members shall appoint a sufficient number to constitute a legal majority of the board. Should the board fail to fill a vacancy within ninety (90) days from the creation of such vacancy, the educational service district board members shall fill such vacancy. Appointees shall be United States citizens and qualified voters resident in the school district and appropriate director district, if any.

Cross References:       Board Policy  1114           Board Member Resignation

                                  Board Policy  1450           Absence of Board Member

Legal References:       RCW  28A.310.030          ESD Board

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Adoption Date:   AUGUST 27, 2007

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