Welcome To Our Summer Reading Program!
                Your children have grown to be great readers this year! They have     
                     gained many reading skills that will still need to be practiced over the 
                        summer to ensure retention. Thus, it is important to keep your student 
                        reading over the summer months. Summer reading can bridge the end 
                     of one school year to the beginning of the next!

Why do summer reading?
    1.) Increase their reading level and maintain gains from school.
    2.) Individualize reading materials.
    3.) Practice language skills.
    4.) Expand Vocabulary.
    5.) Broaden their world!

How to pick a “Just Right” Book:


Guided Reading Lists (Grade Level):

Great List of Books to Read!SRP_files/Great%20Book%20List.PDFSRP_files/Great%20Book%20List_1.PDFshapeimage_4_link_0