Awesome Reading activities for home

Short Vowel Placemat intervention:

There are 5 placemats with the letters of the vowels on each mat.

There are 9 picture cards for each of the 5 vowels.

Students encourage and support each other to say the name of the picture,

hear the vowel sounds and place it on the correct mat.

These games are very fun and effective in remembering vowel sounds.

This intervention was downloaded from the internet and it is easy to make. 

It is good to laminate the placemats and the word pictures to keep them nicer longer.

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Short Vowel Pumpkin Patch Activity

b/d, p/q “Reversal Game”

Some children need support in knowing which letter is a b/d or p/q.

This game helps them to get the extra practice they need to discriminate between the letters.

Thereare 3 games in this intervention and are easy to make, but you have to make the dice

and laminate the game board, etc.

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Letter Reversal Game Activity

Phonemic Awareness Activities:

Play “I Spy” with your child, but instead of giving a color say,

“I spy something that starts with /b/. or “I spy something with these sounds,/d/ /o/g/.”

Have your child do the same.

Play a game in which you say a word and your child has to break apart all the sounds.

Ask your child to stretch out a word like dog and he/she can pretend to stretch a word with a rubber band. Your child should say /d/ /o/ /g/.