Purpose of this Unit Theme is to provide students with the basic skills necessary to feel comfortable playing activities that incorporate a ball for the purposes of dribbling and kicking. Within this seven-day unit students will progress from practicing independent soccer-related skills to working with small groups to develop the soccer skills necessary for success.

To meet the standard (rubric score of 3) set by the Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) for Health and Fitness and their Grade Level Expectations a physically educated student will know and be able to do for:

3rd Grade:
- Kick with mature form a stationary ball (to a partner)
- Foot Dribble with control (during skill-drill activities)

4th Grade:
- Kick/pass/punt a ball while moving (in a game of 4-with-4 activity)
- Foot dribble around objects with control (during a skill-drill activity)

5th Grade:
- Kick and pass a ball with accuracy while moving (during a 4-with-4 activity)
- Foot dribble a ball changing directions both independently and in various group activities (during a skill-drill activity)

Other EALRs associated:

1.2, 1.3, 4.1

NASPE National Standards:

Standards 1-6

Student-Generated Learning Expectations

Student-Generated Outcomes as a result of our Soccer Unit
- soccer skills
- exercise
- health
- health related physical fitness components: muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, and muscular strength
- Offense and Defense knowledge and positioning

Student-Generated Soccer Skills
- dribbling
- kicking
- punting
- passing
- trapping (foot and body)
- footwork (sweet spot, sour spot)
- body positioning

Student-Generated Safety Rules For Soccer:

- be careful of how you kick
- no pushing, tripping or shoving
- no slide tackling
- be a good sport
- use teamwork
- wear proper shoes


Summative assessment of their skills will be taken on day 7


Associated Fitness Assessment

The 1/2-mile run/jog test measuring the Health-related component cardiorespiratory endurance and muscular endurance. This 7.5 minute fitness assessment will be practiced every day during this unit, and some of the basketball unit.

Associated Muscle Group

After the 1-minute Run Club warm-up students will learn how to stretch (lying side stretch) and strengthen (lunges) the quadriceps while learning function, location, and number of muscles for this particular muscle group.



Additionally, 4th graders will be introduced to their FITFOLIOS(TM) along with 5th graders to develop goal-setting skills and develop a plan to achieve their goal with this and the other four fitness assessments (shuttle-run, 60 sec. curl-ups, sit and reach, and 30 sec. push-ups).


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